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Graphic Design

GreenShag is here to point you in the right direction.

GreenShag is a graphic design company that is here to work for you, the client. With over 12 years design and publishing experience we provide the flexibility, customized creative design, and dedicated attention you need to take your business to the next level. Working one on one with you, making it as easy as it should be.

We want to stand apart from the typical agency that tells you "You have to do this," or "You need to have it designed THIS way," and "You have to pay THIS MUCH money (just because agencies have high overhead costs)."

GreenShag Design gives our clients what they are looking for... great quality design at an affordable cost. We work closely with our clients to know what their needs are and how we can best answer them for the best price. Sometimes there are projects Greenshag can not do, if that is ever the case, we will do our best to point you in the right direction and recommend people that can do it affordably.

Business Identity

Businesses need a recognizable look and feel - a symbol, a logo that can be built into business cards, letterhead, billboards, maybe even one day - a commercial. Lucky for you, GreenShag is there to help, offering years of experience helping companies with this dreadful task. Whether you have your own idea or need us to create that special logo and tagline...GreenShag is there for you.

Sometimes it's more than just a logo. Sometimes it is about working with a small business and the items they have already had designed by someone else and putting them together to work for the business in a variety of marketing materials to help build the brand and look of the company.


Hundreds of businesses, large and small, waste hundreds of dollars on printing and marketing every year. GreenShag has worked with dozens of different printers all across the country. Many of them specialize in printing certain things, (business cards, folders, envelopes, etc.) Most companies work with one local printer, who might give a good cost on some projects or they simply don't have time to shop around. But when the local printers cost for business cards might be 3 times that of what some other printers offer (for the same or better quality), companies are simply throwing money away.

At a time when budgets need to be cut, GreenShag can come in and find ways to bring down your print and marketing costs on an annual or per piece basis. We may be able to save your company thousands of dollars each year. Call or email Dave to set up an appointment today!